Afternoons with Sonny

Are You Willing To Listen?

By August 3, 2022 No Comments

In my experience, clarity just starts with a willingness to listen. The same holds true with a conversation I recently had with a friend.

My friend invited me out on his boat not too long ago and while I was sitting there on the water I just marveled at God’s creation. I made a comment about it and it was met with a puzzled look. My friend who responded, “Yeah, I guess I believe God created all this I just don’t listen to him the way that you do.”

I knew my buddy is a massive Dallas Cowboys fan so I asked him “What if Coach Tom Landry told you to give him a 100 push ups or tackle your favorite player?”

“Shoot, I’d be all over it! This is THE Coach Landry we’re talking about, the guy is a legend!” he responded.

After a few moments, I asked him one last question: “So you’re telling me you’re willing to listen to Tom Landry, but you won’t listen to the God who created Tom Landry?”