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As A Kid He Couldn’t Speak, Now He Is About To Give The Speech Of His Life

Every child struggles with something, and Bruno Youn was no different.

Bruno’s mom first noticed something different about her son when he was three years old. He could repeat what she said, he could sing songs, or recite poetry. He could imitate the Sesame Street characters, but he could not communicate his needs or wants.

She took him to the doctor and after rounds and rounds of testing, the diagnostician gave his mother the news: Bruno was autistic, and because he couldn’t communicate his needs, they called him “non-verbal.”

Doctors told her that her son could go to school, learn basic skills, but he might never be able to carry on a conversation.

Well, Bruno’s mom rejected that statement, and immediately got her son into therapy. She worked with his therapists, worked with him at home, and worked with his teachers.

She never gave up on her son, and her efforts have paid off.

Not only is Bruno speaking and communicating, but he has friends, a girlfriend, and has worked on political campaigns.

He sat down with the Los Angeles Times to talk about his experience growing up.

And this Saturday, not only will be walk across the state at Claremont McKenna College to get his degree, He’ll give the commencement speech!

His advice to anyone who has a struggle? Never give up on yourself!

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*Cover photo courtesy of Los Angeles Times*


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