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As a Mom

October 14, 2015

While I have been verbally abused for 47 years (not as bad now), more importantly I am the mom of a daughter who went through a horrific divorce about 6 yrs ago. She has 2 amazing children who, like her, are SURVIVORS. Her boy is Aspergers & the father molested his little sister for a long time before HE SUDDENLY LEFT when she was 7. He was abusive to them also particularly when he was drunk or high (hid it very well). One of the areas I don’t think people who are not in that position think about is the financial. That is abuse also. He left her taking everything he could secretly get including wiping out bank accounts & ruining credit which is an on-going abuse that takes years to overcome. She had $20! He has never paid child support, has remarried & goes about having his fun & drugs with no regard to the family he left behind. This is a serious area that is seldom discussed & needs to be more often to give help & support.