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Ashleigh God’s Miracle Baby

March 10, 2015

Hi My name is Ramona Antillon and I’m from Dallas Texas. I’ve been listening to this station for about 6 months now though my i phone and I haven’t changed it since! My story is about my daughter Ashleigh, she is my premature baby born at 23 weeks! Now she is a happy healthy 13 year old ( going on 14) who worships God in piano. Doctors only gave Ashleigh 20% chance at life and God has healed her and brought her through so much! I wanted the world to know how good God is and so i wrote a book called “Ashleigh God’s Miracle Baby” I hope that her story encourages others to hang on to faith through those tough times. Trust God and know that nothing is impossible for Him! Thanks for reading God bless.