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Baby Corbin

September 9, 2016

My precious friends and brother and sister in Christ Jesus are at the hospital in Mansfield right now with their daughter Jennifer & her husband Dustin. Jennifer is about five and half months pregnant with their 3rd baby boy, named Corbin. They think her water may have broken as she has previous health issues and their 2 other precious little boys were preemies. They know how dangerous and long road this is for baby Corbin to be born so early! I am asking all brothers and sisters who read this to please lift Jennifer, Dustin, and baby Corbin up to our Father in heaven in prayer. To please keep baby Corbin safe in his Mom’s womb or if not please keep him safe and healthy as the Physicians & nurses care for him & his Mommy!
Thank you all so much for praying for my precious friends & sweet baby Corbin. Father please surround him with your safe loving care. As you knitted him in his Mother’s womb, I pray you will allow him to stay there a bit longer to grow & become stronger.