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Bad Luck?

By May 20, 2019 No Comments

I don’t really believe in bad luck but since we moved just over a week ago everything seems to be going wrong. The electric in my bedroom went out the first night we moved in and was out all weekend. The door knocker fell off the door when I started to go to work that first Monday. I found out mid week that the electric had never switched over to the one I’d signed up for. This Friday my tire went flat and isn’t repairable. When I turned on the fan this morning the lamp that was off blinked on momentarily. None of it is all that large but everything adding up has my elderly parents nerves and mine stretched thin.

And now I’m having issues even posting this… It’s feeling more like spiritual attack than bad luck since I recently recommitted myself to God. I have no intention of letting this dissuade me from becoming who I used to be. But prayer would certainly help hold me up while I work my way through all this.