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Before We Get To Easter, We Need To Make A Stop Along The Way

As many of you know, this Friday is Good Friday which symbolizes the day that Jesus was crucified on the cross for our sins. However, Jeff makes the point that Friday isn’t necessarily a celebration. It definitely leads to a celebration come Sunday when Easter rolls around and we celebrate Christ rising from the dead.

But Jeff is reminded of a time when he was on staff with a ministry called Young Life where he was at a church camp with some students of his and after a strong sermon, the speaker asked the students to go by themselves somewhere and reflect on what they just heard.

One student stood out specifically who was named David was sobbing in the corner and when Jeff asked what was wrong, he said, “Why did He have to die?” Jeff responded saying, “It was because of us David.”

As we get closer and closer to Easter, let’s make a stop on Good Friday and realize the magnitude of what this symbolizes. Jesus died on the cross so that we would be free!

The song included in this podcast is “Once Again” by Fuse Box and you can listen to the song again below:

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