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Being Reminded Of Jesus This Easter Season

By April 1, 2022 No Comments

Caryn absolutely loves this time of the year partially because of all the flowers and plants that bloom during this time, especially the dogwood flowers. What’s really cool about these flowers is how these flowers remind us of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.

selective focus photography of white flower

The petals of the dogwood actually form the shape of a cross. Upon close examination, it can be seen that the blooms of the tree always have four petals.

The middle of the Dogwood flower has a tight grouping of resembling a “crown of thorns.”

And the tips of each of the petals are indented, as if they bear a nail dent.

There are even colors in the petals that bring to mind the drops of blood that spilled during the crucifixion.

Special thanks to Plant Me Green by Simpson Nurseries for sharing this story