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Blessing in Disguise: Lauree’s Love & Disease

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Blessings in disguise. Some things come into our lives and at first glance you want to shoo ’em straight back outta your life.

You don’t want ‘that’! That loss of job, that bad news, I don’t want this sickness.

Last week after a few months of persistent symptoms I went in for a colonoscopy and got the results. I have Crohn’s Disease.
On the way into the studio yesterday I was chatting with my mom and she said, “Lo, I just have this peace from God that this diagnosis for you– there is a blessing in disguise for you.” Hours later in studio I kept hearing my mom’s voice ‘a blessing in disguise.” and then it hit me…is this how you are answering that prayer Lord?

I’ve been praying something very specific for awhile now. I have been dating a wonderful man for the past year and half. We joke that we are kind of on an Island. Both of our families are on the West Coast in Oregon and California and they haven’t seen us together a lot.
Now for my sisters that doesn’t fly well. They want to know all the details, they want to see the man, how he treats me, how he looks at me, hear how he talks to me. We’re very detail oriented between the 4 of us sisters…and my sisters haven’t been here for those details.

And as we have gotten more serious…I’ve asked God, “would you give my sisters peace and joy regarding our relationship.” These past few weeks his character that I’ve known and trusted has been highlighted- to be true and faithful. He has not flinched once when discussing the details of what goes along with Crohn’s (trust me, it’s hard to feel like a lady) he has been there first thing in the morning to take me and pick me up, he has showered me with flowers, and lovely smelling bath salts, he has cooked for me and researched with me. His character is speaking loudly. His gentle and compassionate spirit is comforting me while I am away from my family and community. My sisters see the heart of a man that I have fallen in love with.

The Crohn’s diagnosis – not a blessing.
But it hasn’t been wasted. It’s a blessing in disguise!

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