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BLOG: Dad Films Graduation & Immediately Makes An Epic Fail! | Jay Allen #mwjr 07/25/17

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First off, I want to preface this by saying that it is situations like this that make me appreciate dad’s everywhere! Of course, with all this being said, dads can often be associated with being clumsy but in reality, we always can know that their hearts are in the right place! Check out this funny story below:

Dads, they’ve given us so much over the years. Dad jokes, sneakers with jeans (before it was cool), and mountains of burnt BBQ food.

And now they’re cracking us up on the internet.

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Tony, a dad from the UK, accidentally filmed the wrong girl at his daughter’s graduation ceremony.

Tony’s daughter, Georgia Wilde, uploaded the video to Twitter, writing: “My dad legit filmed the wrong girl down the [sic] isle of my graduation, sums up my dad”.

In the video, Tony points the camera at who he thinks is his daughter and follows her down the aisle, until his real daughter walks past and says, “That’s someone else”.

Then Tony cracks up and says, “I got carried away then! I was looking at the wrong one, weren’t I”.

Just to add to the hilarity, Georgia was graduating from a degree in film making.

Watch the hilarity ensure in the official video below: