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BLOG: Mom Sells Stillborn Son’s Crib & 1 Week Later Gets A Surprise From The Buyer

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It always breaks my heart to hear the story or testimony of a woman who has dealt with a miscarriage because it dramatically changes you forever. This story really shines a light on approaching somebody with an understanding and compassionate heart and truly gives me chills.

Valerie Watts was devastated when she gave birth to a stillborn boy. It’s something no expecting mother should have to go through.

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As time passed, the Cokato, Minnesota, woman eventually decided to set up a garage sale. She was ready to move forward and had mustered up the courage to get rid of the baby’s crib.

The grieving mother sold the crib to a man named Gerald and his wife, but little did she know the crib was about to return to her in the most unexpected way.

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Gerald learned that Valerie had lost her baby. Instead of keeping the crib, he did something truly incredible.

As it turned out, Gerald is a carpenter. He brought the crib home to his workshop and transformed it into something Valerie could hold onto and cherish for life.

Much to her surprise, Gerald returned to Valerie’s home the following week to present her with his creation, and she broke down sobbing on the spot. The unused crib was now a beautiful bench which would sit in her home as a memory of her Noah.

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Watch this video below to hear more about the story:

Isn’t this such an incredible tribute to her son that passed away? I’m nearly tearing up just thinking about the heart that this neighbor has as he has not only shown us how to approach somebody dealing with this grief but also how to love them more than they could ever imagine.

Thanks to both Newser and Little Things for providing such incredible coverage of the story as it’s really been encouraging! To view more details about this story, click here