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BLOG: Student Saves CPR Teacher’s Life After Having A Heart Attack In Class | Jay Allen #mwjr 07/27/17

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First off, I’m extremely glad that this teacher is alright after this scary situation! Taking CPR, we may never think that it will come in handy but this is precisely why we all should learn how to perform CPR because we never know when it will be utilized! For this student, it was pretty immediate. Read all about it below: 

A retired nurse teaching a first aid class was saved by a retired nurse taking his course as a refresher.

David Knowles, 77, was just starting the first CPR class he was instructing at his church in Essex, England, when he started to feel horrible. He fell to the floor, and not knowing how much time he had before he might pass out, started instructing the class on what to do to help him. “The whole group was up on its feet, looking like they weren’t doing very well, either,” Knowles told Inside Edition Thursday.

Once the students knew this wasn’t part of the lesson, they rallied to help him. Karol Chew, a retired nurse taking the class as a refresher course, gave Knowles CPR after he stopped breathing, and called Knowles’ wife. Knowles was placed in a medically induced coma because the damage to his heart was so great, and when he woke up more than two weeks later, he couldn’t remember much — except that Chew’s CPR is likely what saved his life.

If you’d like to read more updates on the story, you can click here! Special thanks to Catherine Garcia for writing about this story!