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BLOG: Widower Gets Unbelievable Response After Sending Dating Profile As Message In A Bottle | Jay Allen #mwjr 08/16/17

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We’ve always heard stories of people sending messages in a bottle in books or movies that were fiction but what if I told you that there are people that actually do this? This story will truly warm your heart! 

Craig Sullivan has been struggling to find love since his wife lost her battle with cancer 18 months ago – but he deplores the idea of online dating apps.

Instead of struggling with OK-Cupid, he was inspired by a British rock song to put his dating profile in a bottle.

The 49-year-old Scottish widower has sent dozens of messages in bottles into the ocean in hopes that the right person would find one and respond. Though he originally planned to cast off hundreds of bottles, he was told to stop polluting UK waters.

His messages have, however, returned dozens of replies from places as far as Brazil, Turkey, the USA, South Africa, Portugal, China, and Japan.

“It’s been an amazingly broad and deeply emotional clutch of messages that have come my way,” says Sullivan.

The single father first got the idea for the unconventional dating plan after he read an op-ed about a dying children’s author asking other women to “date her husband” in hopes that he would find love after her passing.

As Sullivan contemplated how he could do something similar, the song “Message in a Bottle” by The Police started playing on his radio – and everything clicked into place.

He wrote about his mission in a blog, where Sullivan has expressed his shock – and gratitude – over how much attention he has received from the bottles.

“I’ve been contacted by 137 people from different websites, newspapers, TV shows and radio stations interested in the story,” wrote Sullivan. “I simply couldn’t get back to everyone.”

“As for those ladies who wrote to me, I just wanted to reassure you that I will reply to every one of your supportive, insightful and detailed messages — it may take me a couple of days to catch up with everything.”

If you live in London and you are interested in chatting with this inspiring widower, he describes himself as a “reasonably attractive” man who adores traveling, gardening, and spending time with his daughter, two cats, and two dogs.

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