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BLOG/VIDEO: Gelato Shop Operated By Deaf Employees Brings The Community Together! | Jay Allen #mwjr 08/21/17

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A gelateria in Brazil was opened by Breno Olivera to employ people with hearing disabilities. Breno opened his gelato shop to prove what deaf people had to offer. When regulars started learning sign language, a community of inclusivity was born.

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Check out the full story from USA Today below!

Isn’t that absolutely incredible? A community not only got to indulge in delicious gelato, but they came together to learn sign language as well as gain perspective on the hearing disabled. Truly inspiring! 

Thank you to USA Today/Humankind for the story! 

SOURCE: https://www.usatoday.com/videos/news/humankind/2017/08/17/gelato-shop-opens-create-jobs-deaf-educates-community-too/104692160/