This shocking statistic brings perspective to the painful issue of domestic violence: The number of American troops killed in Afghanistan and Iraq between 2001 and 2012 was 6,488. The number of American women who were murdered by current or ex male partners during that same time was 11,766, nearly double the amount of casualties lost during war.

But there is hope!

90.9 KCBI is once again partnering with the Gatehouse Grapevine, the Genesis Women’s Shelter and UNITE the Church Greater Dallas to #BreakTheSilence surrounding domestic violence during October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month. We seek to shed light on this tragic issue by asking churches to address it from a biblical perspective.

You’ll hear stories of those who, through the grace of God, have not only survived domestic violence, but who, by God’s grace, have thrived. We’ll also provide resources for those caught in the nightmare of domestic violence and encourage you to pray about how you can help.  Sunday, October 28, we’re asking churches in North Texas to be part of #BreakTheSilenceSunday – highlighting the issue during Sunday services.

“There really is more than financial poverty – there’s spiritual poverty.  There’s poverty of resources, of relationships and role models,” said Lisa Rose, the Founder and Executive Director of the ministry, The Gatehouse.  “We need to provide the time, the refuge, the resources and the relationships, so women can be empowered to start a new life for themselves and the generations that follow – from a victim to a thriver!”

Join the growing list of churches supporting #BreakTheSilenceSunday on October 28 below.

Thanks to our Sponsor:  The Kristina Anderson Group with Ebby Halliday Realtors.

If you need a safe place, call the Genesis Hotline: 214-946-HELP (4357)  Help is free and confidential.

Are you in crisis, or want to assist women who are in crisis? Click here for information on how to give a woman a hand up.

#BreakTheSilence is a ministry partnership with KCBI, The Gatehouse Grapevine, the Genesis Women’s Shelter and UNITE the Church Greater Dallas.

The Gatehouse and the Genesis Women’s Shelter are dedicated to assisting women in crisis.  Genesis provides shelter, safety, counseling and expert services to battered women and their children.  The Gatehouse is a supportive living community where women and children in crisis receive safe refuge, ample time, practical resources and healthy relationships to discover new paths for permanent change, all in the powerful name of Jesus.  Here are opportunities for you to get involved:

  • Monday, Oct. 8, The Gatehouse is hosting a Get in the Game Luncheon at the Star in Frisco. All proceeds will go to The Gatehouse.
  • Sunday, Oct. 28: #BreakTheSilenceSunday 2018 – use the form provided to sign your church up to speak out on the issue of domestic violence in some way that Sunday.

#BreakTheSilenceSunday 2018 Church Listing