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Breaking the Silence on Domestic Violence

By October 20, 2017 No Comments

My name is Setra Stevenson and 10 years ago my ex husband tried to kill me. On September 7 our divorce was final and on September 9th he broke in my house and stabbed me and made my children stand there and watch. I was stabbed 21 times but the knife wounds were non life threatening I remember him choking me and I passed out and I clearly heard God voice say “Not today, your kids will not watch you die, not like this:: me and the kids were able to get out of the house and my husband last words to me were “I am coming back to kill you” he fled the scene and was a fugitive for a week while me and my kids were in hiding. He also cut my 13 year old son in the face. My ex is now serving 12-40 years in prison. I have been praying to GOD to make me an answer. I want to inspire, encourage, and uplift others by sharing my story and the love of God. I am featured on the cover of this month Dallas Southern Business and Living magazine and you can read more about my story.