Praise Wall

Breast Cancer Survivor

Back in November I requested prayers because I was undergoing a double mastectomy surgery. I had my surgery in November and underwent reconstruction on the same day. Everything went well with the two surgeries and I knew God was seeing me through. Then about 4 or 5 weeks into the healing process my doctors had to order home health wound care because the wounds were not healing as they liked. We managed to get that taken care of only to have to be readmitted to hospital on January 3 of this year because an infection set in. I had to have another surgery and my hope we dwindling fast. Finally two weeks after that surgery I had my second oncologist appointment to be informed I would not require chemo. Because of the rapid care of my doctors and Gods continued direction my cancer was caught early and today I am happy to say I am in remission and slowly being released from doctors. I praise God for his direction and healing through this entire process.