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Broken and Lost

By April 29, 2019 No Comments

Hello… This is my first time I’ve done. Don’t know where to start. A while ago I use to walk with JESUS. Me and my kids use to go to church. I ain’t perfect but I tried to be as faithful to GOD as a could. Now I miss walking with him. I Turned my back on him and let him down. I failed GOD and I know my fate. I feel so Lonely, Tired and Destroyed. Everyday I wish I was dead. Im with a man when Im still married. I mean I haven’t been with my ex for years. He was never there. Not even for his kids. So I got in a relationship with another man. But I can’t afford to divorce my ex. My life with this guy is not a fairytale. I wish I could turn back time and fix my life. I cried out to GOD but I know he doesn’t hear cuz of my sins. I’m tired of struggling can’t find a decent paying job. Trying to keep my home. My Sunshine is gone. Please keep me in your prayers.