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By the Grace of God

By April 23, 2022 No Comments

In April 2020 amid the pandemic I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I had chemo (the easiest part of this journey) followed by surgery in August 2020. Due to complications I spent 3 months in a hospital. My husband James visited me every single day. I always listened to KCBI but when I was discharged from the hospital I discovered on the ride home that my husband had become an avid listener as well. Then in September 2021 my husband had a kidney removed due to cancer. Recently, he has experienced some heart issues and we believe this will be another opportunity for God to shine. Through all of these challenges we have felt God’s hand at work and we have been ministered to by family, friends, our church, and the KCBI family. James and I have grown closer to each other and to the Lord. I am currently in remission and it is by the grace of God that my cancer was found early (Stage 1). We will continue to share with anyone who will listen what an awesome God we serve.