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Can We Be Generous If We’re Broke?

By August 18, 2020 No Comments

Is it possible for us to be generous if we’re broke? My answer: Absolutely, because there’s more to generosity than just money. Right now in our world, there are so many ways to show generosity to others.

Maybe you need some help with your list or just a refresher of ways we can show generosity. Here are a few ways you can be generous that won’t cost you a thing!

Serve. Find a place to serve in your church (if your church is meeting in person) or there are always opportunities to serve in your community.

Your Words. When was the last time you someone you’re thinking about them or that you care about them? It is a priceless gift that makes such an impact

Donating. This is a great way to show love to those in need and declutter your home in the process! Make a plan this weekend to go through your closet and find things that you’ve been meaning to donate.

All I’m saying is don’t limit the impact you can make in your community just because you feel like you can’t give enough. The truth is we can bring the riches of this world to others without ever spending a penny!