Praise Wall

Can you help? In any fashion?

On Jan 29,2019, my bff was a such a low point she made an attempt to end her life. She is getting care in a Dallas facility at this time, but I’m convinced she will only try to kill herself again upon release, because she is telling the doctors what they need to hear so they think she is making progress.

She has lost everything. Her husband abandoned her years ago, her family has all but turned their backs on her. Upon release she will be homeless, without a car and unable to get to the job she has, if she still has it.

I am her best friend and it pains me that I am unable to help her at this time. Is there someone out there that can help her? Will help her? Please help her!

She is a good Christian woman, with a mental illness (manic depression) controllable with medications. She does not drink, and has never smoked (anything at all) nor has she ever done drugs. She just needs help. Please. This is me, trying to help her. Please help me to help her.