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Celebrity Christian Culture & Why It’s Bad For The Church

Ministry streamlining is all the rage as many churches move away from women’s and men’s ministry and toward a church-and-homegroup model. Kelley Mathews, co-author of Organic Ministry for Women, joins Rebecca Carrell and Liz Rodriguez to talk about the Christian celebrity culture it cultivates and why it’s toxic for the church.

Kelley Mathews earned a Master of Theology from Dallas Seminary years ago and has co-authored several books and contributed to two others. She also helps manage three different nonprofit websites, write fiction reviews for Publishers Weekly, and serve as a Christy Award judge (evaluating inspirational fiction for annual awards). Over the last 20 years, have also spent the last twenty years, Kelley has been heavily involved in several different activities while also freelancing as a book editor, magazine writer, and proofreader.

If you’d like to follow her journey and learn more about her, visit her website here! 

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