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Chasing hope and strength

By December 16, 2018 No Comments

My story is for Daughter Camilla Mesa, she is a single Mother and a fighter. She just recently had a baby boy and she’s is a single mother of a beautiful 11 year old girl. We are originally from Florida and relocated to the area of Arlington Texas after the hurricane. My Daughter’s situation after having the baby is critical and been alone with two kids is hard to go back to work and meet the basics provisions for her family. I’m recently myself lost my job and is the hope on the Lords provision is what got me alive. Please pray for my Daughter Camilla Mesa and my two grandchildren for peace, and provision in this difficult time. My grandchildren name are Mariah 11 and Manuel 2 month old. My Daughter also have to move from her original home due to structural problems with the house and the current owner will not want to fix. I’m confident that the Lord have something for my Daughter and my family. In Jesus name.
Thank you
Susana Paneque