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Christmas: Chuckle or Cautionary Tale?

By November 28, 2017 No Comments

A favorite of mine during the Christmas season is to hear all of the stories of mishap while people are trying to celebrate. And every year, without fail, there are new stories that provide me a good chuckle…and cautionary tale.  Parents that climb up on roofs to act like reindeer, for their kids imagination…then proceed to fall off said roof, for their kids reality.Lawn decorations that have deflated in – let’s just say ‘awkward positions.’
The infamous Santa photos which capture the fear, the mischief and the cranky babies of America’s families.
We shall not leave out the Awkward Family photos, I mean they practically started because of a high demand for a family Christmas card to be distributed each year. There are always a few that you are thankful to open in the privacy of your kitchen so they can’t see you cringe/smirk a little.

Well this year we kick off with a cautionary tale of Christmas 2017…driving safety while transporting Christmas tree. Here’s a tip from the Sudbury Police Department of Massachusetts…if it’s bigger than your car…it’s TOO BIG!