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Civil case mediation on Tuesday, 11/10

November 16, 2015

KCBIers have been praying for this, Big Tuesday. Tuesday came & went; they could not agree; my son’s lawyer offered the enemy 1.5mill to drop all. The enemy’s lawyer said, “6mill.” To think it some more, they decided to move the mediation for Thursday 11/12 @ 0130P. There was suspense, a lot of prayer & worship. I did not even bother to ask for more prayer request; I did not want to bug the prayer partners with another date! But I could see that prayers continued to be offered for the same subject. Our souls were weary, & the thought was that we were losing. My son had lost the round on Monday about the misdemeanor, somebody else was suing my son; it was just a blow after blow. Then, we received the news: The judge dismissed the civil case ! and the enemy did not show up! The story is that my son’s lawyer arrived 1/2h early. To his surprise, he found the door of the court house closed with a paper attached wherein it was written the dismissal of my son’s civil case!!!!!!!!