Praise Wall

Comfort Food’

Greetings’ Hello to my KCBI Radio Family’ How are you today? Allow me to share’ Throughout my life, it appeared to me that I was on a rollercoaster ride, going somewhere, but obviously, I was deceived, because in actuality, I was going no where really fast. I had a hole in my soul’ and I still do. I came to the understanding that inorder to be healed’ we must be still’ in Gods presence doing absolutely nothing except just seeking the face of Jesus’ I am the type of person that is driven to do things for other people. Now, that I have come to the conclusion of what my problem really is, Hallelujah! I can finally get back to me and discover how not to be broken. Jesus Lord’ Have Mercy! Table Talk: Until you heal your past, and life patterns, then your relationships will continue to be the same. The only thing that changes is the faces’ Saints’ we must heal our souls”