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Concessions to Champion: One Player’s Interesting Road to the Superbowl!

By February 3, 2020 No Comments

One man’s interesting road to the Superbowl. When Rashad Fenton, the cornerback for the Kansas City Chiefs was in high school he worked the concession stands at the Miami stadium. Hawking drinks, hotdogs, pizzas at all the fans cheering in the stands. Rashad would walk the 4 blocks from his home to his job. Fast forward to Superbowl 2020 at the same stadium… 22-year-old Rashad returns to his old workplace, not entering through the concession employee entrance but as a celebrated football player that is on the biggest stage possible for his sport. Talk about dreams come true!

His mother still walked the 4 blocks from her home to the stadium to watch her son defend the San Fransisco 49ers receivers who did not catch one pass against Fenton in the game!

“Zero catches,” he said. “None.”

His lone tackle came earlier in the fourth quarter when Garoppolo was trying to scramble on third and 14. Fenton knocked him out of bounds on a hit. Niners fans roared their disapproval, wanting a penalty for a late hit. But no flag was thrown, and Fenton was able to celebrate a clean play.

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