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Continued story of Noah’s Healing

December 17, 2016

ell it’s started slowly working again. He only had to have two procedures this week instead of almost 4. Dr. Nurko up in Boston will be thrilled when he finds out. We went to see him last spring to address the motility issue Noah has had. It had gotten so serious Noah was going to get a pump installed in his body. But now that it’s slowly starting to work on it’s own eventually he won’t need the procedure and he won’t need the pump.
We also want to say thank you so much for the prayers and the support. We couldn’t have made this long journey without the wonderful friends and family we have. And you are part of the many many miracles that Noah continues to be blessed with. All of your prayers result in healing and miracles for Noah. It may take time but God always does it. He makes it happen. Isn’t all of this news absolutely amazing!? God is so incredibly good to Noah and to our family. So much grace keeps being poured down. I am thankful for it all.