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Cultivating False Hope? Father, Forgive Us.

By August 21, 2020 No Comments

“In a world of despair, cultivating hope is a revolutionary act.” These are not my words, but the words of Author/Pastor Jemar Tisby. I sat with these words this morning and was reminded that we know what despair looks like. My goodness, it’s all around us. There so much right now that can cause us to be discouraged. So what does cultivating hope look like and why is it a revolutionary act?

It makes me think about how many people cultivate hope in things that are empty and hollow. Things that are said to people, promises are made just to give people…hope. It can leave people feeling broken.

But here’s what I do know: Hope that is cultivated in Jesus Christ, that’s everlasting. That hope that stands strong in the face of adversity. It doesn’t disappoint as it says in Romans 5:1-5. We may boast in the hope of the glory of God. Not only in the good times but also in the suffering because suffering produces perseverance which produces character; and character, hope.

So I’m not sure how revolutionary it is, but I know it’s true. Any hope I try to build on things of this world will disappoint, they will fade away. But a hope built on the truth of Jesus, that is good.