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To whom this may concern

As a kid, 5-7 years old, I was raped by one of my aunts. A few months later, I was exposed to porn by accident. Since then, I have struggled with it and still remain hopeful that this mess ends. I understand that the Lord has given us a power that many forget and thats the power of free will. We can go to Him any time we want but all He asks for is our loyalty. We break it no matter how we see it because of sin when we least see it. I see it in this perspective. Be at His table and not the enemy’s. The enemy and God cannot eat at the same table.

I am seeking be free from these sexual chains because I have that hope through the Lord that I will be free for good. I have learned that watching pornography there is no joy. Due to character limits, I ask for prayer on this. Nothing more. I know I belong in His kingdom. I have faith that it will be over. Thank you in advance.