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Daily Dilemma: My Co-Worker Is Stealing Company Time

By August 10, 2021 No Comments

Here’s my dilemma. At work we clock in on our computers and we are supposed to work 9 hours and clock out for an hour to go for lunch. However, the company does allow for some overtime of up to 2.5 hours a week. I’ve noticed recently that a co-worker has been going to pick up lunch and then comes back before clocking out for lunch. When he gets back he will clock out for only 30 mins and finish an hour long lunch in the building, essentially giving himself a 1 hour and 30 min break which gives him 30 mins of overtime a day. That is cheating the company out of paying overtime when they don’t need to.

Should I mention this to the management? If so, how do I go about this?

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