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Daily Dilemma: Should I Give My Baby The Same Name As My Best Friend’s Baby?

By July 27, 2021 No Comments

Dear Rebecca & Burns,

My best friend and I are pregnant at the same time! She is a few months behind me and we are absolutely stoked that we’re going through this at the same time. Here’s my dilemma. She recently announced the gender of her baby and the name they are going with. My husband and I haven’t come up with a name up until this point and when we saw the first name of their child, we LOVED it. In fact, we felt the name was perfect in what we were looking for with our child as well.

Is it wrong for me to also take that name for our child as well? I’m not trying to steal names or annoy anybody, we just really love the name. I don’t want to lose my friend over this.

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