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Daily routine

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On 10 March 2022 I was involved in a major wreck totaling my car. At the time I had no idea what to do but I prayed and prayed daily. Approximately 2 weeks later I was blessed to find a vehicle that was a little less modern, I began messing with the radio and stumbled upon this wonderful station. I now listen daily when I drop off my wife and daughter at work and school, when I go to work and on the way home. I love listening to sermons from Dr. Chuck Swindoll and Dr. Jefferes. This station has become a big influence in my life and helps me decompress from the stress of being a first responder and State Military service member. My family and I love KCBI and listen from Carrolton, Texas. Thank you KCBI for the uplifting messages of God’s mighty promises. May almighty God continue to bless the amazing staff at this amazing station.

– Chief J. Knipe Jr
Security Supervisor