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Dear Dad, I Miss You | Producer Josh’s Personal Story

By June 18, 2021 No Comments

Producer Josh here! I just wanted to share with you how I’m feeling about my first Father’s Day as a dad.

Father’s Day has always been a celebration in our household and it’s going to be particularly special this year for as I will be on the receiving end for the first time! As I’m taking an inventory of my emotions, I’m reminded of my childhood. I think back to my relationship that I had with my dad as a kid. One of the main things I remember was he always seems to have a saying for everything and I know exactly what he’d tell me in this moment: “Josh, it’s just like eating an elephant, buddy, take it one bite at a time.” It still rings so true and it brings a smile to my face. Though this is a fond memory, I just never thought I’d be celebrating my first Father’s Day as dad… without my own dad.

Back in 2016, my dad was diagnosed with lung and brain cancer. And though it was a well fought battle, things progressed pretty quickly. My dad’s faith became sight and I remember this overwhelming sense of peace and comfort that came from knowing where my dad’s eternal home is and that I will see him again someday. But as much comfort as I felt initially, this wasn’t supposed to be the plan. I wasn’t supposed to lose by my dad at 23. I wasn’t supposed to experience the big moment of life and adulthood without him. To graduate college without him, to get married and not have him in the front row with my mom, and to have my first child and him not be there to hold that baby. I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t hurt, of course it does. But I’m remind of the fact that just because I no longer have my earthly father, it doesn’t mean I’m fatherless. I have a Heavenly Father who knows me. A perfect father who loves me and cares for me like only our God can. He takes these moments of hurt and of trial and he turns them for our good and for his glory.

So, as I’ll be on the receiving end of Father’s Day this weekend, I’ll be doing a lot of thinking about all the sweet moments that the Lord has allowed me to experience this past year with my daughter, Jozie. Though I won’t be able to celebrate alongside my dad in person, I know I’m not fatherless. For that, I’m thankful. I’ll keep eating elephant one bite at a time. I love you dad. Happy Father’s Day.