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Dear Moms, Help Your Child Through Their Sin

By March 28, 2022 No Comments

My friend September posted this on Facebook and I felt like I needed to share with you if you have children.

“Dear Moms, This is for all of you.

Never feel justified in covering up your child’s problems. Casting blame on others or excusing your child’s behavior because it must be someone else’s fault. Our children need us to see their problems before someone else does. And when they do something wrong or struggle with the cares of the world… don’t blame the world. Don’t blame “the thing.” Don’t even blame Help your kids own their life, their mistakes and their sin. We all sin. We all make mistakes. But, there will be and always are consequences. It’s one of the hardest parental lessons ever. Because, we are their protector and it’s exhausting. But, ownership begins with us. All small hidden things lead to something big and exposed. Stay current and help them own their lives. Some day, we won’t be there to “go to battle for them.” If it we’re me, I’d rather go to battle with and for an experienced and humbled sinful person willing to face the battle, than a fool who cannot see his own folly.”