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Dear Teachers, Thank You.

By August 8, 2022 No Comments

As teachers are making their way back to school in preparation for the school year ahead, I want to take a second to celebrate the educators in our lives.

Think about it, no matter where you are in life, a teacher has influenced you. When you see co-workers with a wealth of skills and abilities, a teacher helped shaped them. Every one of us has at least one teacher in mind who encouraged and motivated us during our education and beyond. Teachers, thank you for ALL you do.

I’d like to say a special shout out to my favorite teacher, my baby-girl Simone who teaches Pre-K, and my in-laws, Jeff and Angela, who are also educators here in DFW.

Lord, thank you for educators. As they are preparing to welcome back students, give them Your patience, give them Your heart to care for their students, and encourage them by letting them know how valued they are! In Jesus name, Amen.