I am so desperate for healing in my heart, thoughtlife, and marriage. My childhood best friend who I went to church with for years is now my husband. But it took us 10 years apart, a failed marraige, and 4 children for him, for us to find each other again. We were together earlier in life, but he fell away to drugs and alcohol and addiction, I ended our relationship Bc he was wreckless with my heart and his life, but I have suffered for it every moment since. 3 months after I broke up with him, he married another woman and the trail of tears, abuse, 3 births to 4 kids (that he isn’t even certain of their paternity Bc of her infidelity), and is being a part… he finally found his way back to God, and we found our way back to each other-amazing heights of joy coupled with the deepest depths of pain and regret. His ex wife constantly taunts and harasses and assaults me, us, the kids. We now have our own beautiful baby, but the past attacks me so much. please pray the pain will stop, heal