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Deliverance to God having a stronghold inside me

March 5, 2015

I prayed for deliverance and also for God to establish a stronghold inside me. I received deliverance AND for the first time since I was saved I realize God loves me – and THE WHOLE WORLD. And I can feel it. He really loves the world and really loves me. Love, real love (“God is love”) changes everything. I have been stuck in bed and in a cycle of depression and idols, not making God first. God has made such a difference in how I view inner battles which is what I really needed help with.

I am so thankful God answered my prayers and the prayers of KCBI. It was really encouraging to read each time someone prayed for me. I thank God for everyone praying, whether for me or for someone else! Prayer works! It’s like the air force, whoever owns the sky typically wins in a war. I thank God for you that He could have had you do anything else, but He had you pray for me! The thought and care is very humbling. May God bless you and give you peace!!!