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Desolation Ain’t Your Destination

One in three women have or will suffer abuse at the hands of a domestic partner. Tonya Neal shares her story on the Honest Conversations podcast and gives anyone who has suffered any kind of trauma this good news: “Desolation ain’t your destination.” God can and will love you back to life if you let him.

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Tonya Neal is the author of the book, “The Ashes of Tamar” which is a Journey from Desolation to Restoration. It’s a faith based workbook intended for survivors of traumatic events such as domestic violence, sex-trafficking and sexual abuse. If you’d like to find her book, click here!

Tonya has such a passion for helping women that have not recovered from the past. Tonya Neal is a passionate Christian leader. Her desire is to see women live a life that is free of guilt, shame and defeat. She has a masters degree in Christian Education from Dallas Theological Seminary with an emphasis on Christian Education.

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