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Detoxing: Necessary Or Nonsense?

Detoxing has become more and more popular over the years so the question that a lot of us have is this: “Is detoxing a good thing or is it another fad?”

Our own Health & Wellness expert Casey Sollock joins the show to discuss various things about detoxing in regards to it’s effectiveness and whether or not we should even be doing this.

So how do we detox?

1. Skin Brushing: Get a dry skin brush, and this helps to move your lymphatic system.

2. Eat Parsley Or An Apple:  These are natural diarrhetics which helps the liver detoxify blood.

3. Drink Your Water With Lemon Every Single Morning: It’s so simple to do because this also helps detoxify the liver. This is such a natural way to ensure that your body remains healthy.

4. Drink Some Dandelion Tea: This drink is super supportive of your kidneys which helps your body in more ways than you know.

5. Use Green Cleaning Products: Our bodies are bombarded by chemicals on a daily basis so the least amount of chemicals you use, the better.

6. Daily Probiotic & Digestive Enzyme: Did you know that 70-80% of your immune system lies in your gut and digestive tract? Focus on maintaining gut health.

7. Emotional & Stress Relief: You need to focus on reducing as much stress on a daily basis. Doing something as simple as practicing deep breathing is hugely impactful to your overall health.

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If you’d like to follow Casey with her company She Shines Wellness and learn more about her health programs and tips for you, click here!

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