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Did you See the Other Story? When Mother Gives Up Graduation for Her Son!

By May 8, 2019 No Comments

There’s nothing like a mother’s love. By now you’ve heard this story already, but did you see what I saw?….

The story is about Sharonda Wilson, an upcoming graduate at Ferris State University, was unable to attend her own commencement because it was at the same time as her son, Stephan Wilson’s graduation from Central Michigan University on Saturday, well word got around their community and on the night of Stephen’s graduation his mom Sharonda was asked to come forward and this was the announcement… [the fist pumping starts at 1:04]

Wilson was given her cap and received her bachelor’s degree during her son’s ceremony. But I got to tell you, you gotta go back and watch the video of her son Stephen jumping up and down and pumping his fist in front of all of his peers for his mom! He is beyond proud and excited of his mama. Oh it brought me to tears… what doesn’t?! Amiright?!

Stephen said, “When I heard (she) was getting her degree with me I was speechless. My mother is truly the strongest and most compassionate woman I know. That moment tops (any) other moment I have ever shared with my mother.”

Her love must be so strong, so steadfast, so generous and sacrificial that this man so boldly and with abandon celebrates his mama!! That is a beautiful story all around.


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