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Dirty Dishes May Be The Most Valuable Item In Your House

By December 15, 2020 No Comments

What if I told you that the dirty dishes in your sink might have more impact than the trophies on your shelves?

As I look back at my life and things that made an impression on me, I think back to the mentors that have allowed me to see their failures. Failure is something we try to cover up because we’re ashamed of it. When we have people over, the last thing we want people to see is the dirty dishes in the sink or the unkempt bedroom. But why?

Kirk Franklin, a well-known gospel artist, shared in a conversation recently that he can have a greater impact through the failures in his life than with the trophies he may have earned. It’s because we can relate. We’ve all fallen short. What happens when we let people see those failures in our life is we have the opportunity to shine a light on the way that God has walked with us through those failures and forgiven us and God’s love will shine so much brighter than where we’ve stumbled and gotten scraped up.

If a friend is able to climb their way out of their valley of despair and follow Jesus because of his perfect forgiveness, then forget the trophies. You can see my dirty dishes as we walk towards Jesus together.