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DIY Ballin on a Budget Brides!

By June 19, 2019 No Comments

Ballin on a Budget gets mad respect. And you may be in the place of planning wedding and that is your mantra! I gotta tell you what this one Ballin’ Bride did to save some money.

Y’know that wedding cakes? Yeah that pile of sugar and flour can cost you upwards of a $1000 and that just cuts right into your honeymoon fund. So this one genius bride came up with a hack from Costco! She got two Costco sheet cakes, cut them up and stacked them, re-iced them added some Trader Joes flowers on top and BAM! she had a gorgeous, giant cake for under $50 and we all know one thing

That thing tasted good ‘cause Costco sheet cake is amazing! Mad respect to all the Ballin on a Budget brides!

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