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Do Not Be Afraid: The Truth Of The Christmas Story

By December 14, 2020 No Comments

As Christmas approaches, we’re probably all familiar with the Christmas story in Luke 2 but here’s a reminder for you with an added point of emphasis that you may have not thought of before!

As many time’s as I’ve heard this story, something new jumped out at me. It’s really interesting when God sent an angel to deliver the most monumental news to ever grace this earth, it was delivered to the shepherds. Not to the king or the high priest, not to someone who was obviously holy and was going to keep the law. No, it was delivered to the shepherds. In biblical times, a shepherd was a dirty, lowly profession. It was by no means a prestigious job and I think that actually highlights the point of the story of Christ. When God delivered the news, he went straight to the lowest because God created all people and is for all people. The Good News is for each and every one of us.