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Do We Have A Costco Relationship With God?

By October 12, 2021 No Comments

Do you find yourselves shopping wholesale or in bulk at either Costco or Sam’s Club?

It’s a pretty awesome way to save money and buy things that you’ll undoubtedly need for the future in bulk, but do we treat our relationship with God the same way that we buy our groceries?

Rich Villodas recently tweeted something profound that changed the way I view my daily walk with God:

“Jesus tells us to pray for daily bread, but we’d rather have a Costco relationship with God.

We’d rather have stuff in bulk so as not to come back to God so often. But we can’t live without daily dependence.

In the kingdom, daily bread > bread in bulk.”

Of course, while handling our grocery shopping in this way might be efficient, this method totally fails when we choose to deal with God in this manner. Often, we want to get stuff from God and get them in reserves so that we don’t have to keep coming back so often. But what did Jesus talk about in the Lord’s prayer about our daily bread? This isn’t just a referral back to the Old Testament when God provided manna (bread from Heaven) to the Israelites as they were traveling through the desert, this is symbolic of daily dependence on our Father in Heaven.

God wants us to have dependence on Him daily because it’s better to we don’t focus on things too far ahead, but instead trust in the one who is already there. While we here in America certainly love efficiency, it’s just not as much of a priority when it comes to God’s Kingdom.

Daily bread is much better than trying to get it in bulk. We absolutely have nothing against Costco or Sam’s Club, we are just saying that God our Father loves providing for us, taking care of our needs, and being there for us every day, especially multiple times a day. Don’t be afraid to keep coming back to Him! It may not be efficient according to our standards, but it’s the best thing for us.