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Don’t Let The Past Skew How You See The Future

By October 11, 2021 No Comments

Most of us carry baggage from stuff in our past that is heavy and weighs us down. In fact, for a lot of you, it might still be affecting you today. Whether we know it or not, it is these things that have happened to us that deeply impact the way we view the future as well as the present.

A pastor that I have a lot of respect for by the name of Steve Cuss recently challenged me by asking me this question:

“What events from your past are you wearing like a pair of glasses that you see your future through?”

This is such a great clarifying question because there are so many things that people experience whether it’s trauma, past history, or even our upbringing that makes us look at what’s happening in the world today as well as the future through a certain lens. Often at times, it causes us to see things through very skewed glasses. It’s like we put them on to not necessarily to correct our vision, but to make things worse. Sadly, if we’re not aware of the issue, we might not see it.

Some questions that can be good to ask yourself when you’re processing through hard emotions can be:

  • Am I projecting worry onto something on which I don’t need to project worry? Where am I placing my trust?
  • Am I projecting anger on something that doesn’t deserve such a rejection? What is the root cause of this anger?
  • Am I assuming the worst is going to happen when maybe I don’t have enough evidence to say that it would go that way?

I have found these questions to be immensely helpful as I work through difficult situations in my life but I ultimately want you to come away from this knowing that as you looking to the future, realize that your past has an impact on how you view it. But the impact is not great than God’s presence and reality within it. In the words of Christine Caine:

“Don’t allow what has been done to you be bigger than what Christ has done for you.”