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Dropping Out Of College Isn’t Always A Recipe For Failure

By March 2, 2021 No Comments

Believe it or not, dropping out of college ISN’T always a recipe for failure. Before you turn this off so your kids don’t get any ideas, just hear us out.

Let us start off by saying we totally understand how important education is and being able to finish what you’ve started is something I’m a proponent of, but I came across the story that really inspired me.

It’s about a man named Calvin Tyler. Back in the 1960s, Calvin ended dropping out of college because he didn’t the sufficient funds to finish his education which I think there’s wisdom in being able to avoid student debt if you can. But the beauty in this story is of Calvin’s drive and determination. After he left college, he became a UPS Driver and worked his way up through the the UPS system over the course the course of 20+ years and ended up retiring in the 1980s as the senior vice president of operations. No college degree. Just hard work, character, and determination.

But get this: Calvin Tyler returned to very same university he dropped out of and has made one of the largest donations in the school’s history, 20 million dollars, and his heart is help open doors for young minds who desire further their education.

My take away from the story is this: College or not, instilling hard work and character into our children will always be worth the investment.