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Emergency Residential Home

December 5, 2014

My name is Linda, and my two sons support me at this time. However, we currently live with my baby sister, which she was king and generous to invite us to live in her home with our beautiful two English Staffordshires for we are very appreciative. She sense have separate from her nursing job of 23 years are more, and things have changed for the worst. My sons paid her biweekly for us living here, but a few weeks ago she mentioned that we no longer had to pay her but to save that money for other things. We are searching for a nice home with payments ranging from $700 not to exceed $800 until my sons stabilize their financial savings. We are not concerned about furniture because we gave all our of fine furniture to my sister when we moved here. Besides she loved it and we were glad to give it to her for being so generous with us, but we are willing to start fresh with small necessary purchases. We need a home ASAP because we are losing sleep, focus, and life is deeply hurtful!