Praise Wall

Encouragement and Hope

This has been a very challenging year for my husband and I. Financial, family and health issues have continued to fall upon us. We know that God will get us through this difficult time. Sometimes it is still so hard to stay focused on Him and His promises. KCBI is always there to build us back up and remind us of God’s amazing love. We both listen to KCBI and it NEVER fails…….something is always said, preached or maybe words to a song that is played – I hear something I need to hear. Hope, faith and encouragement. You talk about it often – that these things couldn’t be planned, even if you tried to! How true that is. God is touching people thru the ministry of KCBI. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love the honesty, music and teachings and am so grateful that God continues to allow KCBI to encourage so many people.

May God bless all who are involved with KCBI.