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Everlasting Hope

By August 15, 2019 No Comments

I became a first time mother November of 2018. Little did I knew after a c-section, I was needed a second surgery, a very sensative infection almost killed me. I was hospitalized 21 days without enjoying motherhood and very sad over a betrayal from my childs father. Right after I found myself in all kinds of financial hardship. I lost all material things and unemployed for being too long in the hospital. My hope was gone and I was easily giving up. My mother an Angel of God was send to lift me up. Her prayers and your radio station have provided me hope. Hope enough to pray and trust in the Lord. I’m struggling still but the difference is I have God with me now. I can pay my mother for all she’s done from opening her home, lending me her car for work, babysitting, providing until I fully recover physically and financially. She loves this radio and I do as well. Thank you for reading my story and please keep me in your prayers. Amen.